This school promotes freedom of expression, creativity and critical thinking for students to easily cope with the challenges of the new generation and impact society in a meaningful way, the School of Teacher Education and Humanities dedicates itsels to develop unique persons as mature Christians and cultured professionals capable of transforming the community, and country to become a better place to live in through liberal education.

STEH is a world-class steward in the service and development of humanistic, spiritual,eloquent, mature and excellent educators, and public servants conscious of their cultural values and responsibilities as members of the academic community and/or on the nation in particular and the worldwide village in general

World-class Degree Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (BS-Math)
  • Bachelor of Arts in English (AB-English)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (AB-Philo)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (AB-Journalism)
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Guidance and Counselling (Double Major)
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education
    (Majors:Biological Sciences,Physical Sciences,Mathematics;English;Filipino;Social Studies;Music,Arts,Physical Education (MAPE and Health);Religious and Values Education)
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
    (Majors; Pre-school Education, General Elementary Education)

  • Education and Development
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminology (BSCrim)
  • Bachelor of Science in Political Science (BS-Pol Sci)
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Administration
    (Majors: Government Management;Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and Political Science)


School of Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology School of Health and Natural Sciences School of Accountancy and Business