SMU-HM students are Gold Medalists in Cuisine Competition and Silver for Flair Bartending in the 3rd Tourism Skills Olympics

By: Mayvelyn S. Covita

The third whole week of September is declared as Tourism Development and Promotion Week in the province of Nueva Vizcaya through Ordinance No. 2015-115 in support with the country’s celebration of the National Tourism Week. With this, series of activities are scheduled by the PLGU wherein invitation for SMU’s HTM department to attend was approved by its Administration. One of the highlights of this year’s Tourism Month celebration is the 3rd Tourism Skills Olympics on September 24, 2018 held at the PLT Convention Center, Bascaran, Nueva Vizcaya.

HEIs, TVIs and State University in the province participated. There are HTM Marian entries for all of the competitions, wherein students, with their show of skills as coached by their ever competent instructors, managed to be placers. The student achievers with their respective awards and coaches are: